The Cook Family Charitable Fund donates $25,000 to Cardinal Cushing Centers

The Cook Family wishes to thank everyone that was involved with another Cook Family Charity, successful Golf Tournament at Indian Pond Country Club, Kingston, MA in July of 2017.

We are so grateful for you all. With out the help of our friends, colleagues, the many donations, participation and behind the scenes hard work; none of this would be possible.

cook family charitable fund- cardinal cushing centers

A very BIG thank you to all of our Sponsors, we treasure your generosity! And, know we can count on you!


Peter A Cook, Sr. and Peter Cook, Jr.  

ADDL_CookFamily Sign


•Cardinal Cushing Centers:

At the Cardinal Cushing Centers, we support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing possibilities and opportunities for growth and advancement. Our programs for students, adults and community members include education, employment training, transition services, residential care, therapeutic and recreational services.


•The Cook Family Charitable Fund:

The Cook family started The Jordyn Cook Epilepsy Fund in 2006. The decision to raise money for Epilepsy came from a deep desire to have resources available so that the community could learn in minutes what took the Cook’s six years. Jordyn’s inspiring Epileptologist, neurologist, Elizabeth Thiele of Mass General Hospital was already beginning an educational website in partnership with WGBH, “Growing up with Epilepsy”. She just hadn’t found a partner to fund the site. It was the Jordyn Cook Epilepsy Fund’s first pledge; $350,000 which was to be the sole funding source of the site. The Growing up with Epilepsy site went live in 2006.

Having recognized other needs, The Jordyn Cook Epilepsy Fund became The Cook Family Charitable Fund on January 1, 2016. Focusing on families dealing with Cancer, Alcohol and Drug Addiction, as well as people dealing with Intellectual Disabilities.




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