Gavin Foundation



The Gavin Foundation is a multi-service nonprofit agency providing comprehensive substance abuse Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery programs. We serve more than 5,000 individuals each year through our adult, youth and community programs. The Gavin Foundation offers a continuum of care that has expanded as the need for services has grown. We operate a dozen nonprofit programs and collaborate on a half dozen more. Clients are able to move across and within our programs as needed.

Our Prevention and Intervention programs include school and community educational outreach, and overdose prevention training at our peer to peer recovery center. Our adult clients and members of the community join the Devine Recovery Center and participate in meetings, events and social activities. We offer positive sport and recreational activities at the Walsh center, our community center for children and teens.

We offer residential and outpatient Treatment and Recovery programs. A client may be introduced to the Gavin Foundation for detox and would be admitted to our facility for clinical and transitional support services. That may be all the services some want or need, others may move on for residential treatment at one of our recovery homes or utilize outpatient services at our Center for Recovery Services (CRS).

Behavioral Therapy, Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) and employment assistance are just a few of the services available at CRS to our residential and non-residential clients. Non-residential clients also include participants in our criminal justice programs including our Total Immersion Program offered to parolees through local courts. In addition to visiting our Center for Recovery Services for services, residents of our adolescent recovery home, Cushing House, have the option to attend our recovery high school, Ostiguy High, a Boston Public High School.

There are multiple options available to treat the illness of addiction but recovery also involves a personal recognition of the need for change.  A commitment to the process, combined with treatment and support, make recovery possible and attainable.