Work Inc.



“It is the mission of WORK Inc. to ensure that all individuals with disabilities have the ability to grow, the right to make choices, access to education, and the opportunity to participate in community life via meaningful work”

It is the mission of WORK Inc. to join with others in creating the conditions under which all persons with disabilities will experience:

  • Presence and participation in community life
  • Opportunities to develop and exercise competence
  • Encouragement to make choices in the pursuit of personal growth
  • Opportunities to develop good relationships with family, friends, neighbors and peers
  • Respect and dignity through the promotion of human and civil rights
  • Protection from abuse and neglect
  • Assurances that services are flexible and person-centered and delivered by trained personnel
  • Respect for their unique ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • The chance to take risks and have experiences that promote growth and development
  • Opportunities for self-advocacy that empower individuals and their families to articulate their  needs and desires

Cook Family Charitable Fund donates

The Cook Family has been a supporter of Work Inc. over the last 25 years. The Cook Family Charitable Fund wishes to extend a huge thank you to Peter Thompson for his commitment to making things happen. Peter recently joined the board at The Cook Family Charitable Fund and is already making a difference. Peter we love your energy! Thank you to all!